Coaching Matters

A very effective method of coaching is used, one that involves a clear and proactive model to take your ideas and thoughts and move you to the next level.

Coaching is an effective practise to empower you to achieve your goals.  Once you have pinpointed the areas of your life you would like to work on, we embark on a journey which explores reality, the options you have, obstacles in your way and how you will commit to achieving your goals.

Most people reach a time in their lives when they are questioning and wondering how to move forward. These are some of the common issues I have helped Coachees to resolve:

  • I have a goal and just keep putting it off. How do I get started?
  • I have always wanted to change careers but am scared of leaving my comfort zone.
  • I’m struggling with my role as partner/parent/family member
  • I have recently returned from overseas and feel completely lost
  • I really need to find some work/life balance.
  • How do I keep to a diet and stay healthy?
  • My boss is holding me back. How do I approach this subject?
  • I need to get a hold on my finances. Where do I start?


Coaching is effective, particularly for people who find it hard to talk to family members or loved ones about how to move forward in their personal and professional lives. Here is where I provide a totally non judgemental, non directive support network for you.

You have to WANT to be coached. Once you make the first step towards being coached, you make a commitment to take control of your life and start living the life you have always wanted.